Munich, Germany 2015

In January 2015, the day after exams finished, the committee took 30 members of Velocity on a 4 day trip to Munich, Germany.

Everyone set off from Loughborough for Stanstead Airport in the early hours of Thursday morning, where we flew with EasyJet into Munich Airport.

The 30 members and the majority of the committee were staying at the Meininger Hostel-Hotel, which despite it being a hostel, is more like a hotel as the name says and was actually pretty comfortable. After unpacking on Thursday afternoon, everyone had a few hours to themselves before meeting for dinner at an Italian restaurant and then splitting off into groups, to go for drinks at cocktail bars and the Holfbräuhaus beer house, which just happened to be next to the hostel!

The next day there was an optional trip to the BMW Welt Museum which was only 10 minutes away by public transport. After lunch everyone had free time till the evening, which meant that those who didn’t want to go to the BMW Welt museum could do whatever they wished throughout the day, such as touring the city, the Olympic park, or more beer! For dinner most of us went to the Holfbräuhaus, which is the bar and restuarant next to the Hostel, where here you can get 1L of beer for €8! Everyone seemed to stay here for the entire night!

Saturday was a free day for everyone, which the majority of people spent in the Hostel, recovering from their hangovers! Some people did go out and do their own things, a few people spent the day in Salzburg, Austria, not far away from Munich by train!

As Sunday was the last day, it was very busy. After an earlier than usual start, which involved noticeable effort to get the social sec clothed, everyone headed off to Munich Airport for an air-side tour which lasted till lunch. After this was free-time till 6 o’clock when everyone had to check-in for their flight home. This time, we flew into Luton and then arrived back in Loughborough just before midnight.