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Flying Update - January 2017

January 13th, 2017

Loughborough Students’ Flying Club became a part of Velocity a couple of years ago, and since then our aviation-related activities have gone from strength to strength. Flying Secretary Aaron Stein writes.

Following on from the successful set of trial flights in the opening few weeks of the autumn term, the Velocity flying club has successfully launched the discounted flying scheme with Donair Flying Club at East Midlands Airport.

Members have shown great interest in getting involved, with some taking steps towards beginning their Private Pilots Licence (PPL) course. Sufficient members placed deposits with us, enabling us to secure significantly cheaper flying hours and helping to provide an easier route to experience light aircraft flying at a busy regional airport such as East Midlands Airport (EMA).

Moving forward, we envisage a continuation of the scheme with members flying as much as possible (weather permitting, of course). I hope that when the new Committee takes over in March, another dedicated and committed Flying Secretary can come in and help to support the Club for the next year. Before the handover, we expect to run a Flying Club social, where those who have been active with us over the past months can come together, share experiences and look forward to future endeavours.

If you have always fancied flying a light aircraft, or you just want to experience one as a passenger, head over to our Flying page. If you think that you might be interested in running for the position of Flying Secretary in March 2017, and you have some questions, you can contact Aaron via email or on Facebook.