The latest Velocity updates. If you want more details about what the committee are working on, head over to committee meetings.

Out with the old…

February 19th, 2016

Hey Everyone,

After the feedback at the AGM we’ve given the website a bit of an update. The basic structure is the same but we’ve changed the design a little to make it clearer, and tried to cut down on the big blocks of text to keep things simple and easy to understand. The sports table for this year has been updated too, although sadly this now highlights our position in the league… There’s also now the functionality to scroll through thumbnails for pictures, and you can click these to see larger versions. Once the new committee have had their training we’ll be handing over to Peter, Dan, Lottie, Charlie, and Aaron for what we’re sure will be another great year for Velocity!

-Conor, Treasurer

Society Committee Elections

February 13th, 2016

It’s that time of year again when we get rid of our rapidly ageing committee and bring in some fresh faces to take the helm of Velocity for the next year! This year’s committee have decided to keep the committee positions pretty much the same, with Chair, Treasurer, and Secretary all remaining. We found that James, our social secretary for this year, spent a lot more of his time organising trips and all the paperwork that goes with that, so the social secretary position will be amalgamated with trips, to give us a Trips and Social Secretary. Now moving into our second year as the University’s student flying club, the position of Flying Representative will have the same function, but will now be called the Flying Secretary.

We’ve had a good turn out this year for elections, with all but the Flying Secretary’s position being contested:

  • Chair - Peter Nathanail, Oli Nichols
  • Treasurer - Jason Chan, Daniel Goodwin, Oliver Langridge
  • Secretary - Lottie Porter, Oli Nichols
  • Trips and Social Secretary - Charlie Dodd, Fergus Bell
  • Flying Secretary - Aaron Stein

As always, these positions are just for overall responsibility, and the new committee will work together to all organise trips, socials, fly-outs, and other events for 2016/17. Campaigning runs until February 13th with online voting from the 14th to the 15th. The nominees’ presentations can be seen in the AGM 2016 presentation. Get to know our nominees here.

-Conor, Treasurer

Annual Trip Announcement!

September 25th, 2015

Hi Everyone,

We have been carefully considering a number of options over the summer while you’ve been away and I would like to thank everyone who participated in the poll back in July. Although unfortunately many of the options proved to be impractical - and we did try - it really helped us understand what kind of trip you wanted and this year’s brand new destination for the annual trip was inspired by those suggestions.

This year Velocity will be going to SWEDEN!

The exact itinerary is still subject to change, however I can tell you what we currently have planned:

Starting on Thursday 28th January (day after the end of exams), we will travel down to London Heathrow Airport, experience the impressive Terminal 5, and fly with British Airways out to Gothenburg. Gothenburg is a fantastic city for transport and culture - being based around one of Europe’s largest ports and home to automotive giant Volvo. In Gothenburg there will be the opportunity to be taken on a behind-the-scenes tour of Gothenburg Airport, visit the museums of Volvo and Saab, take a day-trip by boat to Denmark, visit the Aero Museum in a Cold War nuclear bunker, or just relax and enjoy the city. On Saturday, we will be taking a scenic train joinery through the Swedish lakes and mountains over to Stockholm. The capital of Sweden is full of activities, and there may be the option to have a further airport tout of Stockholm Alrlanda Airport (sadly cannot confirm this until December), and experience the city’s famous nightlife. On the final night of our trip we will be staying in the "Jumbo Hostel" - a modern hostel inside a decommissioned Boeing 747 jumbo jet. Sunday evening we will fly with British Airways from Stockholm back to London Heathrow Airport.

So I know what you’re thinking - this has got to be really expensive, right? Well thanks to some clever planning and the help of our new sponsor RDC, we are expecting the cost to only be around £180, covering all your transport and accommodation costs plus the airport tour of Gothenburg. We will be holding a meeting to present the trip to you in more detail mid-late October, and expect sign-ups to begin not long after that.

So please do sign up for Velocity this year, join our new Facebook group, follow our revitalised Twitter, and keep an eye out for any updates. We hope you’re all as excited about this as we are!

-Dan, Chair