Velocity is now the UK’s oldest student flying club. If you’re interested in learning to fly, hold your PPL and want to hour build or simply wish to enjoy some flying in a non-instructional environment, then this is the place to be! Our partnership with Donair Flying Club, based at East Midlands Airport, means we can secure our members the best rates available. Members also get access to PPL flight equipment, including training books, headsets, checklists and more, saving you the need to buy it all.

Below are the standard hourly fees for Donair*. All rates are inclusive of landing fees.

Aircraft Cost per hour (private hire) Cost per hour (instruction) Cost per hour (IMC instruction)
Cessna 150/152 £130 £145 £158
Piper PA28-161 Warrior II £154 £172 £181
Piper PA28-181 Archer II £162 £180 £190
Cessna 182 £187 £200 n/a

Initial trial flights may also be available, at a cost of £133 p/h (Cessna 150/152) or £160 p/h (Piper PA28). All relevant information can be found at

Flying isn’t just for pilots…

We’re happy to take along passengers for flights, depending on what aircraft are available to us. Passengers aren’t obliged to pay anything to pilots but we encourage a £10 donation to pilots for each hour of flying. This encourages our pilots to go flying more often, meaning passengers can spend more time in the sky.

Flight Equipment

We hold a trade account with Pooley’s Flight Equipment enabling our members to get a 5% discount off of everything on their website. In some circumstances, members may too have the opportunity to secure a 20% discount on Pooleys products through Stein Pilot Insurance - the Flying Secretary will be able to help with this and other queries you may have.

*Correct as of October 2016.