DHL Cargo Hub

We have had strong links with the DHL Cargo Hub at East Midlands Airport for years and are delighted to continue regular guided tours of the facilities. The tour takes you behind-the-scenes at the Logistics and Distribution centre at EMA. It gives an insight into the daily (or nightly) running of a major logistics firm, and the chance to ask questions to DHL staff. Society members also get to view the entire warehouse from above, see a preview of DHL’s major expansion plans at EMA over the next few years, and get a look at the cargo apron from inside DHL’s own apron control tower.

Rolls-Royce LAF

In 2016 we hope to visit Rolls-Royce’s Light Alloy Foundry Heritage Centre in Derby. Members will get a guided tour of the centre, which houses nearly 200 engines and other aerospace exhibits, designed and manufactured by Rolls-Royce and other affiliated companies.

Bombardier Trains

Members had the chance to have a full tour of the Bombardier facilities in Derby. Members were given a brief overview of both the history of the company and its modern day operations, and then a full tour of their facilities, from when the individual parts come onto the site to the complete vehicle ready to be sold to the customers, including a tour of the final production line of the London Underground 387’s.